Who We Are


We are a boutique family office interested in purchasing a vertical niche software company with revenues in the $1.5m to $6m range. We wish to acquire a majority stake and grow the business using our extensive experience as former operators of a successful software company. We grew our business organically over an eight year period by developing state of the art products- not through financial engineering. We’ve been in technology for a long time and we think we are pretty good at it.


In addition to our software experience, a major differentiator between us and other potential suitors is that we are self-financed. We do not have outside investors requiring us to return their capital by a specific date. We are the investors and we want to build a sustainable business that provides excellent products and services. That’s really important for the future of your company and your employees, and is a fundamental difference between us and other potential buyers.


You have built a great business – let us build on your legacy.

Jonathan Ross Headshot
Jonathan Ross
I have spent my entire career in technology, working in everything from sales to operations. I
spent 19 years at an SMB that provided enterprise SaaS to health and fitness clubs. For the
past 10 years, I was the President and CEO of the company. While I was responsible for the
management of the entire organization, my main areas of focus were product development, IT,
strategy and finance. I am an avid outdoorsman and have a wonderful family of three.
AW Headshot
 I enjoy working with smart creative people building, marketing and selling great software products and that is the essence of what I have been doing throughout my career. I have been very fortunate
to work with extremely talented colleagues for the past 19 years at an SMB that provided
enterprise SaaS to health and fitness clubs. My primary focus is in product strategy, marketing
and sales. I have a wonderful family and enjoy our adventures together. I am active in sports
including adult hockey and skiing and I also love music and travel.